Residential Pest Control Service 

Serving Paducah – McCracken County and all surrounding counties, Pace Pest Control is the one-call solution for pest control in Western KY, Southern Illinois and Southeast Missouri.

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Residential pest control is crucial to protecting your home.  Your home has just what pests want: food, moisture and shelter. As an added bonus, it protects them from natural predators like lizards and birds. Once they discover you, they and all their buddies can invade full force – spreading germs, aggravating allergies, eating clothing and paper and thanking you with bites and stings.

Insects can enter your home or business through cracks as small as 1/64 of an inch. A hole the size of a pencil looks like double doors to a mouse.

It’s amazing how much havoc a tiny pest can create. Wood damage, droppings, maddening webs, holes in fur and wool clothing, contaminated food….the list goes on. 


Outside Yard

Our lawn and shrubbery treatment is made just for them.  Service includes combination of granular and liquid insecticides.

Outside Perimeter

4 treatments per year create a protective pest barrier. Service includes liquid insecticides and granular insecticides. Plus a 3- to 5-foot band around the home’s exterior perimeter.

Inside Spot

Troublesome areas may need a little extra attention.  Service includes all potential entry points, such as doors, around sinks, plumbing penetrations and the garage.

Complete Inside

One complete interior treatment protects you for a full year.  Service includes liquids, gels, aerosols, glue boards and more.

Bundle Up And Save


Pest Defense System

With Pace’s Pest Defense System, your home is surrounded by an uninterrupted barrier of protection from a variety of troublesome pests. Scheduled treatments by Pace technicians ensure that this barrier is always in place and working for you.


  • Exterior treatment 4 times per year to keep pests from entering your home
  • Interior pest control treatment 1 time per year

Premier Defense Package

Pace’s Premier Defense Package is the smart way to save! It combines Pace’s Termite Protection & Bonded Damage Coverage with Pace’s Pest Defense System to offer you the best pest protection available.


  • Maximum Bonded Termite Protection
  • Liquid perimeter treatment applied on first year renewal for borate wood and Sentricon pre-treated homes
  • An annual inspection
  • No deductible for termite damage repair
  • Contract is transferable (subject to transfer fee)
  • Annual renewal with no limitations
  • Damage repair coverage up to $3,000,000
  • Exterior treatment four times per year to keep pests from entering your home
  • Interior pest control treatment one time per year

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